At FEMC’s world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, we design each and every food equipment manufacturing system we build to be rugged and reliable, delivering the most ROI for our clients.  We build leading products for the food manufacturing industry ranging from denesters and liquid fillers to heat sealers, lidders and packaging systems.

Our unique consultative approach enables a deep level of project understanding and cooperation which creates a powerful synergy between FEMC and our clients.  Our highly skilled engineers and product development representatives are exploding with energy, ideas, and an eagerness to cultivate a personal relationship with the companies we serve.  We know what it takes to build highly efficient automation systems that can be counted on to run for decades to come!

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Denester Machine with Stacked Trays


FEMC produces the world’s most valuable and versatile denesters, including the Universal Screw Denester that can reach speeds of 400 containers per minute. Our denesting machines are reliable pace-setters for your production, able to handle a variety of sizes with no change parts. As the world leaders in denesting for more than 40 years, FEMC can help you increase efficiency, transform your production process and achieve ROI within just 1 year.

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